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Lconstruction holidays are synonymous with travel between regions, and this can be conducive to the spread of the disease, he reminded a press conference in Trois-Rivières on Tuesday.

And the virus is still in the community, he said: all you have to do is look at what has happened recently with the youngest who have attended bars and private parties.

If there has been more talk about bars recently – Montreal Public Health has invited all those who have frequented them since 1is July to be tested and has identified so far about thirty infected people who have frequented bars in the metropolis – it should not be forgotten that large gatherings at home can also increase the risk.

Mr. Arruda reminded that it is forbidden to be more than 10 people at home at the same time.

A party with 25 or 50 people, “it’s no”.

He says he understands the need for people to find themselves with the arrival of the holidays: “I am the first to have the taste of having a party at home, with 50 people around the pool, drinking beer, celebrating and stick together. ” But it is not possible at the moment, he said.

He took the opportunity to ask for the cooperation of the population: when public health employees call to check if a person was present in a bar or a party to trace those who have been exposed to an infected person, the truth must be told .

“We will not send the police,” to distribute fines, he insisted. “We’re not going to bicker you.”

We are not looking for the culprits, continued the national director of public health, repeating that the process is necessary to contain the spread of the virus.

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