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Volkswagen says goodbye to Vocho with an emotional video

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Volkswagen says goodbye in North America to the iconic Beetle model – known in Mexico first as ‘Vocho’– with a campaign called “The Last Mile” with an animated short of 90 seconds.

In the film, which is accompanied by the song “Let It Be” of the Beatles performed by a youth choir, includes the character of the film “Footloose” who interpreted Kevin Bacon and the artist Andy Warhol, among other special appearances.

In “Footloose”, the character of Bacon was driving a Beetle while the late Warhol created pieces of art in which the VW model occupied a prominent place.

The short ends with the motto “When one road ends, another begins.”

The German manufacturer stopped production of the Beetle in his plant Puebla, in Mexico. The Beetle, a model that initially appeared in 1938 and that in 2011 was totally redesigned to give it a second life, it has become the name more iconic of the German house.

The vice president of marketing of VW, Saad Chehab, He said in a statement that “Beetle is easily one of the most recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. Honoring it properly needed a medium with as much versatility and universal appeal as the vehicle itself.”

VW has announced a radical transformation of its product portfolio to gradually abandon the production of vehicles with combustion engines in favor of electric cars

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