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Parena hits her ex-husband hard Don’t go up to my volume. Stop talking about it because she is in the past. Greet the monks during the interview and don’t spit until you finish speaking.

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September 23, 2022 Ms Parena Kraikup, former MP from Ratchaburi Party Palang Pracharath (PPC) Post on Facebook laterMr. Upakit Pajareeyangkun, senator Clarify the case of business ties with the capitalist Min Lat, identified as an arms broker for the Myanmar army. and was arrested by the Thai authorities on drug and money laundering charges. and to clarify cases that are often alluded to to Mrs. Parena as her ex-husband, stating it When the ex-husband talks about Parina, he needs clarification.

when you say Let me talk a little about a personal matter. Then he came to refer to my ex-wife, me. So please don’t go down to my volume, please stop talking about me? because I’m in the past

The part you said was a mistake in marriage. Being aggravated by the TV channel is a mess Because society knows when your fourth child is that I haven’t given birth. went out and opened our eyes to the world before we got divorced And when an ex-wife like me didn’t sue marital property Even though fourth child is important evidence in divorce filing Instead, I just asked to be accountable the expenses of the children under the divorce agreement.

But today I still have to go to court every year to pay my son’s bills. So you come to say it’s wrong How to be aggravated Unfair Being a single mother avoids single parent Must make everyone think. Let’s say this. Who will it become? aggravated.Do not talk about being beautiful alone.

At this time, I understand.You must have a lot of monsoons. you don’t have to think about me Today a friend and business partner was arrested for drugs, which is a nemesis, but don’t worry, go home, encouragement awaits.

Ms. Parena wrote it earlier “I would like to leave social media to tell people who rarely go on TV. When I went on TV, I was interviewed, I had the opportunity to refuse to do gray business. drug related money laundering Ask Lord Buddha for an interview And don’t spit until you’re done talking.

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