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The next year for Volkswagen will be difficult, because just the other day became knownthat as many as 34 new models are getting ready, with twelve of them being crossovers. Although this number certainly includes scheduled updates. And the portal VWVortex published information about three new names that the German automaker has registered for future models.

T-Sport, T-Go and T-Coupe – this will be the name of the new Volkswagen crossovers, which we can see already in 2020. It is interesting that the company registered all three names in September, but information about them appeared in the public domain only this week. What kind of cars will they be? Earlier, the Brazilian press attributed the designation T-Sport to the new coupe-like SUV for South America, but this model will appear on the local market under the name Nivus. And yet it is possible that in Europe the name will be different.

The designations of the T-Go and T-Coupe have never sounded anywhere, so it’s more difficult to guess which cars they will end up with. It is likely that these will be models close to the existing T-Cross and T-Roc SUVs.

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