three Côte-d’Oriens in the running this year and a marriage proposal in Dijon!

In 2019, the Dijonnais Louis Tortochot (bread for tomorrow) had obtained the title of “Best bakery in France” after participating in the eponymous program on the M6 ​​channel. A recognition for the baker who had seen the crowds of his shop climb the day after the broadcast of the final. Since then, other Côte-d’Oriennes bakeries have taken part in the program without succeeding in climbing to first place on the podium.

The show, which airs Monday through Friday, has been back since January 10. As usual, Norbert Tarayre, chef, and Bruno Cormerais, Meilleur Ouvrier de France baker, traveled the roads to discover 130 bakeries. Only one will be named the best. Specificity this year: the two friends also crossed the borders to see what gives the conception of the bread on the side of Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

A marriage proposal in a Dijon bakery

For this 2022 edition, three bakeries from Côte-d’Or, directly contacted by the production company Endemol, are in the running to represent the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region: the Emilie bakery in Seurre, the bakery Pimousse in Dijon and the bakery Merle, also in Dijon. “We were advised to prepare well because there should be big fallout after the show. It’s a good publicity stunt,” explains Jérôme Merle, who decided to honor blackcurrant nonettes when Norbert Tarayre and Bruno Cormerais visited.

What is certain is that the emotion should be there in Dijon. David Nogueira, from the bakery Pimousse, indeed took advantage of the filming to ask his companion Élodie in marriage. A way for him to “mark the occasion” and express his love. “If I could have written her my marriage proposal on the Moon, I would have done it! “, reacts, moved, the baker.

As a reminder, Norbert Tarayre and Bruno Cormerais award marks according to the shop, the quality of the bread and the specialty presented by the bakery. Then the professionals are put to the test during a challenge. Every day, two bakeries compete. Only one of them can then qualify for the regional final and hope to win their ticket for the final test, in Paris, which must decide between the bakeries who came first in the 13 French regions.

A Miss Burgundy as a surprise guest

Several personalities come to represent their region each week. And for Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, viewers will witness the return of Lou-Anne Lorphelin, Miss Bourgogne 2020 elected fourth runner-up to Miss France 2021.

“The Best Bakery in France”, Monday to Friday on M6, from 6:40 p.m.

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