Volkov: Let Putin deplore the expulsion of the opposition from Russia

The awards and titles do not release anyone from the prison and do not overthrow tyrannical regimes, but give encouragement and inspiration to continue fighting to win the Sakharov Prize in place of Alexei Navalny, a father imprisoned in Russia, his daughter Darya said. He was accompanied in Strasbourg by Leonid Volkov, one of the leaders of the “Anti-Corruption Fund” set up by Navalny, who did not hesitate to throw a stone into the garden of European countries.

Having given more than 40 interviews in Strasbourg in a few days’ time, meeting with me, Volkov points out half-heartedly that it is difficult to stay original in this mode, but promises to make an effort. I also see how, obviously tired but still focused and constructive, he answers the same questions at a regular press conference about Navalny’s health, the opportunity to contact the leader of the prison organization, and the necessary help for the opposition in Russia. There is a clear message through each answer – thank you for the recognition and the stage for the work of the foundation created by Navalny, which is so necessary for both the organization and those living in Russia, but To the European Union in general and each of its member states must take action against Vladimir Putin, the main human rights violator in his country.

Volkov said Putin was not a legitimate leader during the week, but a kleptocratic tyrant, and called on Europeans to treat Alexander Lukashenko, a similarly captured Belarusian leader. He stressed that in the past elections, despite the complete opposition of the opposition, Putin’s politicalUnited Russia“Russia managed to win only a third of the vote (49.8% according to official statistics), while the other two-thirds were won by the so-called systemic opposition party.” Russia is not Putin. ” “There are no real supporters for Zhirinovsky’s Liberal Democrats,” Volkov said, and the results of the regional election jumped a few to tens of percent, demonstrating that there are no supporters for nuclear parties.

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