New York equities end: Dow ends Fed week clearly in the red

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NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – Der Dow Jones Industrial ended a week dominated by monetary policy in the red on Friday. While the US benchmark index had risen significantly in the middle of the week, skepticism has prevailed again recently. Investors are unsettled because more and more central banks are taking their foot off the accelerator or even starting to brake. The background to this is the high and rising inflation in many places, which has long been dismissed as a temporary matter.

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The Dow lost 1.48 percent to 35,365.44 points. On a weekly basis, this results in a decrease of 1.68 percent. The market-wide S&P 500 fell on Friday by 1.03 percent to 4620.64 points. For the technology-driven Nasdaq 100 it went down by 0.39 percent to 15,801.46 points./la/men

Source: dpa-AFX

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