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Vojta Dyk Complaints After Wedding: Nobody Listens to Me at Home!

“What I blamed him for after x years was that he’s not as prepared as he used to be. He was always overwhelmed, doing a thousand things at once. Škoda that he didn’t clearly decide on one thing, instead he had five bands, shot three films and then decided he wouldn’t do anything for four months,” says bandleader Josef Cake.

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“Vojta never made time for it. We were ready, we had prepared the documents, it was already aimed at the fact that the whole thing would turn out. And then two days before the planned release of the tour, because we had thirty concerts signed and another twenty under negotiation, the whole thing was canceled. To this day, I still haven’t fully understood why. Because Vojta and I never talked about it. I didn’t even have a chance to talk to him about it because I got an email from him and that’s how it actually ended. By mail,” laments the bandleader of one of the most prominent musical ensembles on the Czech scene.

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“It’s a terrible shame that it fizzled out. But there is a problem with Vojta, he probably isn’t even to blame for it, he somehow has it in him that he can’t solve problems. He pushes them away, doesn’t want to deal with them, and then it always ends up like this. I’m not the first. I think it was no different in Nightwork and not even in the National Theatre, where he left,” said the disappointed head of the B-Side Band in the Headliner CZ podcast.

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