Vogtareuth: Mother (36) is said to have killed her two daughters – she is a federal police officer

A family drama has occurred in the Rosenheim district. A mother must have killed her two daughters – the woman is a federal police officer. The father is also said to be an official.

  • Three bodies – a mother and her two daughters – were found in a residential building in Vogtareuth in Upper Bavaria.
  • The investigators are currently assuming a family drama.
  • The mother, a federal police officer, is said to have killed her children with a firearm.

6.55 p.m .: A federal police officer (36) is said to be in Vogtareuth shot her two ten and twelve year old daughters and then killed themselves. Whether the woman got her Service weapon used, is still unclear. How OVB reported, the father lived separately from his wife. He was cared for by emergency ministers.

The 36-year-old was involved in a project that aims to make children strong against violent attacks. She also worked as a police trainer in this area.

Drama in Vogtareuth: Neighbors are shocked after the violence

3.13 p.m .: After the alleged family drama in Vogtareuth, the family’s neighbors are also shocked. Her little grandson is in the house and crying, says a local resident. Until recently, before the Corona crisis banned contact, he played with the two girls and romped in the garden on the trampoline. Now his two playmates are dead.

“It is difficult to cope with,” says another neighbor. “The suffering is inconceivable.” Her 14-year-old son heard noises at night. He had worried that burglars could steal his new, laboriously spared mountain bike, but then attributed the noise to a passing tractor.

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What happened in the house at night is a mystery to everyone. “I saw the children on the street yesterday,” says doctor Ernst Trinkl, who lives a few blocks away. He hadn’t heard anything.

The family lived alone, say neighbours. There was not much contact. “We greeted each other,” says a direct neighbor. The couple moved in about ten or eleven years ago, did everything nicely, installed new windows.

Family drama in Vogtareuth? Mother and two daughters dead

11.02 a.m .: The bodies found in Vogtareuth on Friday morning are a 36-year-old woman and her twelve and ten-year-old daughters. The Oberbayern Süd police headquarters now has one Press release approved. “There is currently a lot of evidence that the 36-year-old mother killed her two daughters with a firearm at around 4:30 in the morning and then took her own life,” the report said.

In fact, the suspect is one Federal police officer. Whether it’s the Murder weapon to the Service weapon the woman acted was initially unclear.

10.06 a.m .: In the morning the criminal police in the house are busy traces secure, as a spokesman explained. Experts should clarify exactly how it happened. For the afternoon, the police and public prosecutor’s office in Traunstein announced a written notice Press release on. Details of the Age the officials initially did not want to do anything. Apparently the parents of the two children killed are officials of the Federal Police.

Three bodies found in Vogtareuth – police assume family drama

The first mayor von Vogtareuth, Rudolf Leitmannstetter (independent), expressed shocked. “You have to have that set first,” he said. Everyone in the village knows everyone.

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Update 9.13 a.m .: The bodies discovered in a Vogtareuther house are a woman and her two children. “We assume that there is one Family tragedy has played, ”said a police spokesman on Friday morning. According to the current status of the investigation mother considered as a perpetrator. There are none Wanted.

Of the husband and father is currently receiving psychological care. Maybe he was in the house at the time of the crime. Also reports about the tragic incident in the Upper Bavarian community rosenheim24.de *.

Vogtareuth / Bavaria: Three bodies found in a Bavarian house – the crime scene sealed off

First report from 8.50 a.m .:

Vogtareuth – On Friday morning (April 3) around 4:40 a.m. Vogtareuth called in the district of Rosenheim. In one Residential building three dead people were then found. The investigation of the police to run. Everything points to Violent crime there.

According to the current status, the investigators apparently suspect Family drama. Both Kill According to unconfirmed reports, it is said to be a woman and her two children. It is currently unclear who called the emergency services. Of the crime scene was blocked by police forces.

Editor’s note

In general, we do not report suicides so that such cases do not encourage potential imitators. Reporting takes place only when the circumstances receive special public attention. If you or someone you know is suffering from an existential life crisis or depression, please contact the telephone counseling service on 0800-1110111. Help is also provided by the psychiatric crisis service for Munich and Upper Bavaria at 0180-6553000. Further information can be found on the website www.krisendienst-psychiatrie.de.


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