Visiting and Dealing with Global Affairs

If you wish to bring a foreign delegation to Switzerland for military reasons, contact the military protocolwhich will help you with the necessary procedures.

IMPORTANT: right from the phase of planning visits and making contact with foreign bodies or defense attachés, International Security and Military Protocol must be involved in advance, as well as possibly the International Relations D domain (eg. information as to the country of origin of the visitors, program and places/troops to visit, etc.). This ensures a correct procedure and takes into account the instructions and processes.

If the visit includes access to information classified CONFIDENTIAL or SECRET, a visit request with the corresponding security status must be submitted by all visitors.

The visit request must be submitted via the foreign national security authority to International Security.

Only requests for visits from countries with which Switzerland has entered into an information protection agreement (see below “Information protection agreements”) can be accepted. If the visit is unclassified, there is no need to make this request.

Access to military installations with visitors from abroad

For possible access to military installations, it is necessary to make, in addition to the visit request, an access request (in German) to MS A. The corresponding detailed information can be obtained from the/ the head of security (administration) or the person responsible for safeguarding the secret (industry).

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