Majority in Grenoble seeks retribution following the property tax vote

bickering within the majority Grenoble. Seven elected officials from the municipal majority, including three deputies to the ecologist mayor Eric Piolle, announced that they had been “evicted from the municipal majority for having publicly expressed their reservations about the +25% increase” in the rate of the property tax, in a statement released Thursday. The majority group of the city council reacted by means of a press release, denouncing a “point of major divergence” with these seven elected officials, while this controversial increase aims to raise around 44 million euros to finance a “shield of social justice and climatic”.

On March 13, when the Grenoble city council voted its 2023 budget, including this controversial increase, Laure Masson, adviser to the municipal majority group “Grenoble en commun” (EELV, various left), expressed “unease” , in his name and that of the six other elected officials. “We simply wanted to make heard the debate that there had been within our majority”, specified to AFP one of seven excluded Maxence Alloto, deputy (ex-PS) with the trade.

“We agreed to an increase (…) but between 15 and 16%, which would have made it possible to finance the multi-annual investment plan and to generate a capacity for self-financing”, he specifies. The seven reluctant elected officials had nevertheless ultimately voted for the 2023 budget “in accordance with the founding principles of belonging to a majority group”, they explain in their press release.

For the majority ofEric Piolle(…)

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