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Virtual Consultation Saves Stroke Sufferer in Afif

Al-Marsad newspaper: A stroke sufferer named “Abu Walid”, in Afif, narrated how he was saved in a virtual session with a consultant at the Ministry of Health in Riyadh.

Abu Walid said in an interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel: One day I felt dizzy in my head, and I could not move my right side, so I went to the emergency room in Afif, and the day I entered, I experienced increased pain in my right hand and leg.

He continued: When the doctor saw me, he told me that he would speak with one of the consultants in Riyadh to confirm whether I needed a referral from here or not, and he told him that I did not need a referral and that he would follow up with me via visual methods.

He added: When I entered the hospital, I was tired, and when they gave me needles, I felt better. On the second day, they took me out of the single room, and when I got better on the third day, I left the hospital to a private room. Thank God, I am fine and with grace.

2023-10-29 19:45:44

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