Viral Transformation of a Woman’s Face Changed because of Pregnancy, Shock So This Is


This woman’s face has changed since she was pregnant with her second child. She has an allergy that makes her face change, completely different from her real face when she wasn’t pregnant.

It was Nur Husna Atirah Rosli who revealed that her facial skin suddenly changed when her pregnancy reached the age of three months. Husna was shocked by the drastic change in her facial skin, becoming swollen, wrinkled, and looking older.

Husna uploaded her face transformation while pregnant to TikTok @una.atirah. In her upload, she admitted that it was the second time her face had changed drastically due to pregnancy.

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“Save As Experience. Memories. Thank you husband 2X pregnant with a face like this. No need to wait Tua HAHAHA,” wrote Husna in his upload on the account TikTok @una.atirah.

Husna’s upload has been watched by more than 582 thousand views. Netizens were surprised and gave support for Husna.

“The most beautiful woman is a strong woman🤍

“My friends are like this too. The amount of mother’s sacrifice. But suddenly I was afraid of getting pregnant😂,” said the account @bidadarisenjaofficial.

“Grateful that your husband is still supportive when you are going through something like that. He is still close by your side. Thank God. God’s favor is for a husband who understands,” said the @Littlehero account.

“It’s okay, sister, you’re still beautiful, hehe. But if you want to be beautiful behind your face, how long does it take, sis?” ask account @𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓪𝓱.

“Always this is due to this pregnant nature.. Hopefully things will be easier for sis,” said the account @Nurulahmadd.

Husna’s Story About His Face Changes That Makes Shock

When confirmed by MStar, Husna said that at the beginning of her pregnancy, her face was still normal. But when she entered the 3rd month of pregnancy, changes in her face occurred.

“At first, I was just normal. But when I entered the third month, my face became more wrinkled. The longer it lasted, the more it swelled,” he said when contacted by Mstar.

Photo of Nur Husna Atirah Rosli who has changed her face since she was pregnant. Photo: Doc. master.–

The woman who is familiarly called Una remains steadfast and patient when her facial changes often lead to comments from social media.

“When my face wrinkled, someone said my face was like an old man’s. For me, when I saw my face, just shut up. Don’t talk about hurting other people’s hearts,” said Una annoyed.

Photo by Nur Husna Atirah Rosli.Photo of Nur Husna Atirah Rosli when she was pregnant with her second child. Photo: Doc. master.–

Una, who lives in Gerik, Perak, Malaysia, doesn’t want to bother with netizens who are sarcastic about her facial changes. She only focused on the health of the child in her womb at that time.

Una’s husband, Muhammad Sharudin Bekri (28 years old) was also worried. The two have been married for about five years.

“I was sad when I saw my face. I was also so stressed that I thought nonsense. I was afraid that my husband would look for another woman because my face was different from my real face,” recalled Una.

“I once asked my husband about my situation like this. But he still gave support and said my face would return to the way it used to be. He also said he accepted me as I am,” said Harun Una.

This mother of two children admits that her face looks older is not the first time she has felt. Una had experienced changes in her face when she was pregnant with her first child who is now three years old.

Photo by Nur Husna Atirah Rosli.Photo of Nur Husna Atirah Rosli when she was pregnant with her second child. Photo: Doc. master.–

Her face gradually returned to normal and no longer wrinkled after giving birth. Even though he did not take certain drugs.

“The doctor was surprised to see my face. One day after giving birth, there was also a doctor who reprimanded me and asked me to meet with an expert. But I don’t have a problem because my first child also experienced something like this,” continued Una.

“Alhamdulillah, since giving birth my face has returned to normal. I don’t use any products. My skin condition healed naturally,” he continued.

Now Una’s second child, Eshan, is five months old. Una’s face has returned to normal. Una intentionally uploaded it on TikTok so that it would become her memory when she was pregnant.

Photo by Nur Husna Atirah Rosli.Photo of Nur Husna Atirah Rosli after giving birth with her family. Photo: Doc. master.–


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