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Viral husband and wife have the same name, like getting married


Soul mate is really no one can guess. Even so, sometimes unique similarities can be a sign that a couple should be, like this couple.

Reporting from eva.vn, this couple’s story from China suddenly went viral because it was unique and unusual. Despite being of different genders, this couple have the exact same name. Both were called Truong Manh.

The couple also work as employees in a large company. The man who first joined the company. It wasn’t long before Ms. Truong Manh came in and worked there.

At first, the pair felt awkward because they had the exact same name but different genders. Quite a few colleagues often make fun of the two and try to match them.

Since they were embarrassed to have the same name, Mr. and Ms. Truong Manh tried to avoid each other. However, over time, the two fell in love and started dating. After more than 2 years of dating, they finally decided to get married.

When the two showed their ID cards to register their marriage, civil affairs department staff were shocked to see that the two had exactly the same full names. The staff said they had been working for more than 10 years but had never come across such a case. The staff had to confirm many times before daring to issue a marriage registration certificate for this unique couple.

To share their happiness, the couple also uploaded a photo of their marriage certificate to social media. The upload quickly managed to capture attention and received various comments. Not a few are amazed to see the name of the exact same couple.

“Originally, when I first saw the marriage certificate, I thought I had seen it wrong. Why is there such a strange and wonderful predestined relationship?” commented by a netizen.

“If it were me, every time I see the marriage certificate I would be proud of myself because I am so talented and perfect that no one deserves to marry me, I can only marry myself,” commented another.

While some netizens are concerned that the same name may actually cause trouble in the future. Not a few are also curious about the names of this couple’s children in the future, whether or not they will have the same name as them.

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