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Pumpkin seeds are good for the heart and beyond, here are what ‘male problems’ they solve in no time

Sometimes the simple things are the best: Pumpkin Seeds are good for your health, even more than you think.

Halloween is over, but we still can take advantage of the benefits offered by the consumption of Pumpkina good and cheap vegetable.


As we reported in a recent article, eating Pumpkin brings many benefits. Plus it’s a cheap food and therefore there is no excuse not to integrate it into the diet. Today though let’s talk about the latest gift that this delicious vegetable gives us: its seeds.

Once the Pumpkin is eaten, we will be able to clean them and make double use of them. Sow them and get pumpkin plants, so that we can eat it Bio, and also dry them and eat them as they are. It’s truly amazing how much good munching on them can do. And by the way they are appetizing and can be used to season and enrich numerous dishes.

Pumpkin Seeds are good for the heart and not only that, all the benefits

Don’t know why, but in the variegated world of nutrition every now and then some food is underestimated. This is the case, among others, of the toasted pumpkin seeds. Oilseeds, we know, are among those foods essential for the well-being of the bodyobviously when consumed in the right quantities and within one varied diet.

I The benefits of Pumpkin Seeds, however, are perhaps not known to most. First of all we have to dispel the myth that they are too caloric. In reality they are not exactly “light” but we can take all the beneficial substances with just one teaspoon a day of seeds, which therefore it won’t weigh heavily on calories total.

And I really am many beneficial substances for the bodyamong which we find Mineral Salts, Amino Acids, Unsaturated Fatty Acids and Vitamins, including K which is another of those less known but fundamental substances.

Let’s start from the fact that the plant sterolsthe phytosterols contained in pumpkin seeds are known for protect and strengthen the Heart. do not miss theanti-cholesterol action given by Omega 3 and fromlinolenic acid.

Continuing between the benefits offered by these tasty Seeds, we point out what helps to relax and rest. This happens thanks to the content of L-tryptophan, an amino acid that acts on sleep balance and helps in mild forms of depression.

How not to mention, then, the cucurbitinknown anti-inflammatory present in all plants of the pumpkin family? It acts on the intestinal level, eliminating parasites and worms and also giving a deflating effect.

Let’s not forget that the substances found in Pumpkin Seeds they are good for hair and skin.

Pumpkin Seeds solve even “male problems” in no time

Eating Pumpkin Seeds helps purify the urinary tract in both sexes. Furthermore, substances such as i phytosterolsthere zinc they Omega 3 they offer a protection particularly useful for male subjects. They keep it healthy prostate and avoid theonset of tumorstypical of this gland. They inhibit the production of dihydrotestosteronewhich is responsible for the proliferation of prostate cells. And not least help fight erectile dysfunction.

So we really have many reasons to (re) start enjoying excellent roasted Pumpkin Seeds. We can eat them as they are as a snack or use them to garnish soups, salads and soups, yogurt and cream desserts.

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