Viewers Rooijakkers moved by Ernst Daniël Smid: ‘So poignant’

Ernst talks to Art about the close relationship with his family, the great loss of his wife Rosemarie and the influence Parkinson’s has on his life. He describes his current state of mind as ‘hopeless’. “Not without ambition, not that,” he says. “I would still like to do things, but whether I can make them come true? That doubt makes you sometimes schizophrenic. That you think: I am Ernst Daniel, I have the technique, I was able to do it. never finished either. But it is what it is. ”

Although he may be able to do less, Ernst does not want to hide from the outside world. “In a successful society, illness is seen as a weakness. But I don’t want to have had the verdict of: you have Parkinson’s and you have to say goodbye to life. I’m not going to hide.”

His words touch viewers, as can be read on Twitter.

The episode of Rooijakkers on the Floor you look here back.

Ernst Daniël has been suffering from Parkinson’s for several years. With that diagnosis, his life suddenly took a different turn, he told RTL Boulevard.

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