Viewers Four hands on One Belly impressed by mentor Angela

Amy Marissa became pregnant with her 17-year-old boyfriend Björn when she was 16. The two are still in a relationship, but Amy has to do much of her pregnancy without him. Björn is in a closed institution for six months. Fortunately, Amy has a lot of support from her mother, with whom she still lives at home.

When Angela asks Björn why he is in a closed institution, he explains that he could not handle his emotions well, became angry quickly and had a lot of aggression in him. Because he was also around the wrong people, he was eventually evicted. Angela is clearly moved by his story. “With a story like this you’re always on the side of the children,” she says, swallowing for the camera.

To prepare Amy Marissa for her delivery, Angela takes her and boyfriend Björn to a birth coach who explains to her how childbirth works. She also has teenage mother Larissa from a previous season visit the couple to give them a picture of what parenthood looks like in everyday life.

Not long after Larissa’s visit, Amy Marissa gives birth to a son named James Ocean. When Angela visits the family, she is impressed by the transformation Amy Marissa has undergone. “She really made a leap. First she was a little boy of 16 and now I just see a young mother. It’s a miracle after all. It always moves me so.” The fact that Amy Marissa is busy with her education and Björn is working full-time makes Angela very proud. “You are doing so well!” so she compliments the two.

Angela’s approach is praised on Twitter. Many viewers feel she is the perfect person to mentor 16-year-old Amy Marissa.


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