Viennese hospitals full: services are reduced – Coronavirus Vienna

The high intensive occupancy rate in the hospitals results in a further reduction in services.

In Vienna, there is no further relaxation in sight in the care of corona intensive care patients. The currently highest level 8 of the phased plan is currently activated, which makes further reductions in benefits and the postponement of operations necessary.

221 intensive care patients, twelve fewer than on Tuesday, 1,298 new infections and twelve deaths due to or from the consequences of Covid-19 – these figures illustrate the situation on Wednesday in the federal capital Vienna. However, there is no relaxation in sight – on the basis of the prognoses, the hospitals are actually mobilizing their reserves. The price will be a further reduction in services. The only thing is fixed: the acute care is not touched.

A spokesman for the health association in the APA interview outlined what the reductions in services will look like in the hospital sector as follows: “It will not be a subject-specific reduction. In any case, our primary goal is to maintain the acute sector at all times -OP or a stroke is – if the intervention is medically indicated and urgently necessary, it will be carried out. “

Twitter posting about the cancellation of tumor surgery caused a stir

The tweet from a journalist recently caused excitement and uncertainty when she made public that her mother’s vital tumor operation at the AKH could not take place because there were no free intensive care beds. When asked about this, the spokesman for the health association assured: “If the operation had been medically indicated, it would have been carried out. Apparently there was the medical indication that the operation could not be carried out today but also later, without any disadvantage for the patient.”

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When operations are postponed, there is no central procedure in Vienna as to which interventions are postponed, but decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depending on the condition of the person affected.

The rescheduling of dates will be decided on a case-by-case basis

The city houses are flanked by the (intensive) medical care of corona sufferers by the Viennese religious order hospitals. Here, too, there are cuts in everyday hospital life. “Some of the elective (plannable) operations have to be postponed due to the utilization of the intensive care unit,” said a spokeswoman for the Vinzenz Group, who runs five religious hospitals in Vienna, when asked by APA. Acute, vital operations are not affected by this, it was assured: “Therefore, cancer treatments, stroke and heart attack care, emergency surgical interventions and all obstetric care in the St. Josef KH are fully maintained in the religious hospitals.”

According to data from the Ministry of Health and the Interior, as of Wednesday 762 people had to be cared for in hospital due to Covid-19, 21 fewer than yesterday’s Tuesday and 21 more than a week ago (plus 2.8 percent). Of the hospitalized people, 221 need intensive medical care, 13 more than a week ago (plus 6.3 percent).

Highest level in the 8-level plan activated, 9th level in preparation

A specially developed step-by-step plan is used to care for Viennese infected with the coronavirus in hospitals. Depending on the level, beds are made available for Covid patients – but this is accompanied by a reduction in services and postponement of operations.

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The currently highest level eight of the phased plan is currently activated, which provides 310 intensive care beds for the care of Covid patients. To this extent, however, these are not yet needed, but more time will be required for the postage of beds now, since they are usually still occupied at the moment. You have to wait until the patient in question is fit enough to change the ward.

In addition, the health network is working on a new level nine in order to be able to increase capacities again. There were no concrete details for the time being, including the reduction in benefits that will now occur. In total, the health network has around 6,000 normal beds and 550 intensive care beds – but in total and not only for people suffering from Covid-19.

High number of new infections in Vienna due to late reports

As for the general infection process in the city, the city’s medical crisis team reported a significantly higher number of new infections on Wednesday – compared to Tuesday. A total of 1,298 new cases were added. “There are many late reports from the holidays,” said a spokesman for the crisis team when asked by the APA.

A total of 120,992 positive confirmed tests have been carried out in the federal capital since the beginning of the pandemic. Furthermore, 1,972 deaths due to or from the consequences of Covid-19 are documented. There have been twelve deaths in the past 24 hours. 109,523 people are healthy again.

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Yesterday, Tuesday, 51,746 corona test results were reported in Vienna, of which 37,953 were PCR tests and 13,793 rapid antigen tests. The share of the British variant (B.1.1.7) in the Viennese infection rate is still 95 percent.


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