The trial of the lawyer accused of killing his wife in Ezeiza in 2016 continues

The trial that follows the lawyer Rubén Carrazzone as accused of the femicide of his wife, Stella Maris Sequeira, who disappeared in December 2016 from her house in the Buenos Aires party of Ezeiza, will continue today with the statement of the accused and the daughter of the victim, reported judicial sources.

Carrazzone will continue with his investigative statement, which began in the previous hearing – held on March 31 last – when he assured that he was “never” violent with his wife.

“I would do absolutely nothing against my wife. I am only grateful for her, I adore her. It was she who made me progress a lot as a lawyer and as a person,” said the accused before the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 2 of La Plata , in charge of the debate, to which he was accused of “doubly qualified homicide for having been committed on his cohabitating partner and mediating a context of gender violence and false accusation.”

Dressed in a black suit and gray tie, the lawyer testified for just over an hour until the court decided to go to an intermission until today at 10, when he will continue with his presentation.

In addition, for this day it is expected that Sequeira’s daughter, Solange Ponzo, will declare, who acts as an individual victim in the case under the sponsorship of the lawyer Raquel Hermida Leyenda.

Both were described as “immoral” and “liars” by Carrazzone (66) at the time of the investigation, when he said that the lawyer “has asked witnesses to lie” and assured that Ponzo’s relationship with his mother was “terrible” .

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The lawyer was arrested at the debate in which he faces charges for which he could be sentenced to life imprisonment for the femicide of his wife, despite the fact that the body was never found.

Sequeira, who had lived with Carrazzone for 13 years, disappeared on December 29, 2016 from his home in the town of El Ombú, Ezeiza district.

The lawyer reported the incident only on the 31st of that month and, a day later, claimed to have received an extortion call in which they demanded $ 80,000 to release her.

However, for the investigation it was a false complaint, apparently tending to hinder the investigation and hide the femicide.

Although Carrazzone always denied acts of violence against his wife, for the investigators there are sufficient elements to prove that the lawyer beat her.

A witness who testified in the case reported that the day before her disappearance, the victim had told her that she was going to separate from the lawyer and that he would have to leave home “with a bag,” as he had arrived many years ago. (Télam)

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