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VIDEO. What unites the pop star Olga Rajecka and the talented Aija Andreeva?

Olga Rajecka in different stages of her life

Latvian musicians Aya Andreeva and Olga Rajecka today, February 17, a new song “Viņa ir mana terapia” is presented to the listeners. The song tells about the friendship of the two singers. Along with the new track, the lyric video for the song is also presented.

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The song was created especially for the two artists, thinking about their inseparable friendship, which has been connecting Aija and Olga for several decades. The author of the music of “Viņa ir mana terapia” is Kārlis Lācis, and the text was written by Elīna Sproģe, who managed to put the story of the two singers into words, which resulted in a beautiful collaboration. The producer of the song is Arnis Rachinskis.

“The idea for a joint song came to us more than a year ago, when we decided that Olga’s 60th anniversary should be celebrated with the creation of a new song. This song is a special event for me, because Olga is a legend of the Latvian stage, with whom I have known since childhood, and this has created a deep connection between us. Over the years, our acquaintance has turned into true friendship, not only on the stage, but also off it, experiencing many beautiful moments together. I am glad that with this song, we have the opportunity to convey our story to our listeners as well,” says Aija Andreeva.

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According to Olga Rajecka, not a single song has been created for a long time that would tell about girlfriends: “Also, the songs sung by women in their joint works mostly tell about relationships with men. We wanted to create and dedicate this song specifically to women, so that it becomes an anthem for girlfriends that will be sung at special meetings, while also associating it with ourselves and our unique friendship story. Reflecting the friendship between me and Aija, the author of the song’s lyrics has managed to hit the top ten – Aija is a real and true friend, which is also confirmed by our joint work!”

The song “Viņa ir mana terapia” also has a lyric video made by director Helmuts Bondars. It visualizes one day in the long friendship story of the two singers.


The new single is available on major music streaming platforms and can be heard on Latvian radio stations from February 17. “She’s my therapy” will be performed live at the “Zelta Mikrofons ’23” Latvian music recording annual award ceremony on February 18.

Music video of the song “Viņa ir mana therapy” by Aija Andrejeva & Olga Rajecka:


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