VIDEO – Splashy! A group of 2 notes & 2 Women in Sexy Dress in Banda Aceh


SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANDA ACEH – Public Banda Aceh, was horrified by the circulation of videos and a number of photographs of a group of women who were cycling (gowes) who were compact wearing pink costumes.

In addition to the colors of the costumes they used the same, the curves of the 9 women were very clear, even the majority of the women were seen not wearing hijab.

Initially the people of Banda Aceh City thought the women who were 2 notes & jokingly and having fun came from outside the Aceh Province.

However, the video shows the location of the Ulee Lheue tourist beach, Banda Aceh.

Suddenly, it triggered the reaction of the parties, post-viral video on various social media.

Then, among the viral videos to the public, it appears a man who also wears the same costume as worn by the 2 notes & women who hit the public in Banda Aceh City.

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