Video shows Russian soldiers shooting two unarmed civilians in the back in kyiv

The CNN has exclusively published a video obtained from security cameras in which Russian soldiers can be seen shooting two civilians inside a car dealership in the back. One of them was the owner of the business and the other, a 68-year-old security guard. The video, verified by CNN, and which could constitute proof of a war crime, corresponds to last March 16, when Russian troops besieged the capital.

First, five Russian soldiers try to enter the business, located on the side of the highway on the way to kyiv, shooting at the locks and hitting the windows. The owner of the dealership approaches with his arms raised and the soldiers stop him and search him. Then the security guard arrives and the same thing happens. CNN then reports that a conversation ensues and the soldiers let them go. However, when the two civilians return to the business, the soldiers, from outside, shoot them in the back. They both die.

According to the images obtained by the US chain, later the soldiers enter the dealership and search cabinets and drawers. Two of them grab some drinks and seem to toast.

While the soldiers were inside the dealership, the security guard was still alive and managed to call for help. Then a series of volunteers arrive and a fight with the Russian forces begins, but finally they have to withdraw before the superiority of the invaders. “Of course it was a war crime,” one of the Ukrainian volunteers told CNN. “If there’s any chance of catching them, they deserve the death penalty.”

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Yulia, daughter of the security guard, tells CNN that she cannot see the video of her father’s murder, but that she saves it to show it to her children one day so that they do not forget what happened and the barbarity of the war. “They are enforcers. It is terrible because my father was a civilian, he was 68 years old and he was a peaceful and unarmed man, ”she says.

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