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(VIDEO) An Olympic medalist achieved the first Open Loop in history after 42 failed attempts – – 2024-04-21 17:17:05

Swedish skier Jesper Tjader made history in the world of acrobatic skiing by completing an incredible jump after 42 failed attempts in Are (Sweden). The pirouette he managed to complete, called Open Loop, was the first time it could be seen in the history of this extreme sport.

Tjader managed to make the first 360-degree open loop after making a similar jump in 2016. In that year he conquered a closed loop, with its corresponding modification. Unlike this one, the upper part was eliminated, leaving a free space three meters long between one ramp and another.

“I’ve been thinking about this open loop since I tried the full one. It feels great to have finally completed it,” acknowledged the Swede after completing the feat. At the same time, he described the physical challenge he faced after multiple falls: “It was harder than I thought. He didn’t expect me to slide so many times on landing, so that was the hardest part. But at the same time, I was close many times. It’s hard to say, every attempt was a unique sensation.”

The native of Osterund (Sweden) added this completed challenge to his collection of achievements, where he also holds his Olympic medal and two from the X-Games. The 29-year-old athlete stands out in the Freestyle skiing specialty (or Freeski), in which acrobatics are the main focus of attention. Most of what he made can be seen in the “Unrailistic” videos that the Swede shares through his social networks and with which he gained thousands of followers.

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In 2016 he was the protagonist of another historic jump, when he completed the “Loop of Death”, the first 360-degree loop with skis on a single track. Unlike his recent achievement, this time the loop was completely closed and he skidded without separating his skis from the metal.

In addition to sharing his spectacular acrobatics with his more than 248 thousand followers on social networks, Tjeder was also able to give himself the pleasure of winning an Olympic medal. He participated in two Winter Olympic Games, in 2018 and 2022, and won the bronze medal in the last one in Beijing, after taking the podium in the slopestyle event.

Regarding his future, the next show can be seen starting April 26, when the Swede begins the competition he is organizing within a circuit specially designed to perform large pirouettes. The event will feature great world figures such as Tom Wallisch, Mathilde Gremaud and Henrik Harlaut, among others, and will be broadcast live on Red Bull TV, sponsor of the extreme athlete.

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