Victims of alleged fortune tellers reveal – “I took a loan of 7,000 euros to pay” VIDEO

In Antonis Schroiter’s show “Autopsy” which was broadcast in the early hours of Friday (1/12) the “divination industry” was at the center of its reportin addition to special techniques for predicting the future, testimonies of people who claim that they were deceived by psychics and lost significant sums of money were also presented.

Anna – Maria, a relative of the victim, spoke to the camera of the show about the case that occupied her family. He explained how it all started with a crazy love affair and the couple’s breakup that followed. “On top of her despair, she was looking for ways to be able to bring this great love back to her, so she thought of choosing a psychic,” he said.

“They met, she told him the whole story and told him she wanted this man back because she couldn’t live without him,” she continued. “So they came up with something that was like… a little poem. He had written some lyrics for her which she had to say every night holding either a picture of him or some personal object. Whatever this particular person (the psychic) ​​told her, she followed it to the letter, it was her Gospel.”

The financial cost

“The first visit cost around 1,500 euros. Time passed, but nothing happened. They met again and he told her that the other woman her ex-partner was with had put a spell on him. Then they entered into another process, to dissolve these spells. It was another 1,800 euros. He was asking friends and relatives for money to be able to pay him,” he explained further. Another ceremony cost an additional 1,700 to 1,800 euros. “He took about 5,000 euros and then my relative owed money to others.”

Another victim described his own experience. He revealed that each visit to the psychic he visited cost 150 euros. He explained that that psychic referred him to another in order to find out exactly what his problem was. The man pointed out that there for each visit he paid one hundred euros and for the procedure he was asked to follow in order to get rid of his witchcraft, he paid 2,500 euros.

A third victim pointed out that after visiting a psychic in Thessaloniki, he asked her for 7,000 and she took out a loan to pay him to help her thrive in a relationship with a man she had just begun.

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