If you feel tired…diet mistakes, avoid them in order to be active

Written by Marwa Mahmoud Elias

Friday, December 1, 2023 06:00 AM

There are healthy diets for weight loss, or what are called diets, that may cause those who follow them to suffer from general weakness and health problems, such that the person is unable to do his work, and becomes vulnerable to imbalances in blood pressure and the body. Most often, this happens as a result of committing many mistakes when following the diet. DietOr because of following inappropriate systems for the body or harsh systems to lose weight quickly, the body loses its balance, according to a report published on the medicinenet website.

The most important and prominent mistakes of dieters, which make their diet harmful to their bodies instead of beneficial, are:

Not paying attention to drinking water in sufficient quantities and divided over the hours of the day regularly and perfectly. This would cause the body to become generally weak, limit the hydration of the body, and cause general dehydration of the body and disruption of its functions, causing lethargy, a feeling of weakness, and a weakened ability to exercise.

Following a diet that is not suitable for your body and health, and some people make this mistake, so the report advises the need to consult a specialist doctor, to determine the type of diet appropriate for the condition, and to lose weight in a healthy way.

Following a harsh regime is one of the most common causes of weakness and disease. The body loses its elements and strength, and consequently loses its capabilities when exerting effort.

Abstaining from eating healthy carbohydrates completely, which enhances the disorder in the body, and these carbohydrates are what provide your body with strength and energy, so your strength becomes disturbed and your body becomes weaker, and your desire to eat starches and carbohydrates becomes more, so your diet becomes disturbed and you cannot control your desires to eat or your ability to eat. Effort.

Eating too much protein is one of the problems that you think benefits your diet, but in reality it severely harms it because it causes you to lose energy and turn into fat, thus greatly increasing your weight if you eat it excessively, and it severely affects your energy levels.

Not calculating the calories, healthy fats, and carbohydrate ratios well is the reason for your energy disturbances and making you extremely weak and frail while following the diet.

Lack of diversification in food causes a disturbance in energy and effort. There must be multiple and varied options to make the most of food and lose weight healthily.

Not exercising while on a diet makes the diet lose its strength, so be sure to exercise it regularly while following a healthy and appropriate diet for you.

Skipping some meals in the belief that this will reduce weight is a wrong idea in dieting. You should not miss any healthy meals, but rather eat healthy food that is appropriate for the health and body to give the body the appropriate energy and activity.

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