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Véran accuses the opposition of prolonging the debates in the Assembly

The protests were strong in the National Assembly, this Wednesday, during the opening of the debates in the hemicycle on the bill which should extend the health pass and impose compulsory vaccination on caregivers.

The government’s controversial health bill, which began consideration on Wednesday, has sparked fierce challenges in the National Assembly. Olivier Véran, present in the hemicycle, accused, with irony, the opposition of prolonging the debates.

“There is a virus. If the virus could look at us, he would be quite happy and pour himself a small beer. Honestly, we need to have measures to protect the French and establishments open to the public. I say it again and I I will hammer it all evening and all night, “said the Minister of Health, before adding, in the face of protests from deputies:” Demonstration, we have time. “

“To govern is to choose”

Responding to a remark by Eric Ciotti, deputy for the 1st constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes, Olivier Véran assured that his convictions were “honest”:

“I do not like the health pass. I do not like a society in which we are forced to ask for a health pass. The question is the decision and the necessity, Mr. Deputy. To govern is to choose, and sometimes making choices that we do not like and that is courage in politics. It is not to prolong debates by telling us that it is because of us that there would be parliamentary obstruction. “

The “courage” asked of the French

The Minister of Health then had a word about people who do not want to be vaccinated.

“Those who hesitate to be vaccinated, to whom we say: ‘Getting vaccinated is important for you and the others’, it is the courage that we ask of the French. It is the courage that we let us ask the national representation to accompany us not in our convictions but in the choices necessary to protect the French “, he added.

“Between two bad solutions, confinement and the pass, I choose the pass, let’s see what your choice will be,” concluded Olivier Véran.

A “masquerade”

Strongly contested in the street by a fringe of public opinion, the bill reflects the announcements of July 12 by Emmanuel Macron, of the vaccination obligation for caregivers with a health pass (proving the complete vaccination, a recent negative test or immunization) for access to cafes, restaurants and trains from the beginning of August.

It must be adopted by the end of the week. A real legislative sprint that irritates parliamentary opposition.

LR, LFI, PS and PC denounced the terms of the debate while more than 1,100 amendments were tabled in the sitting. It’s a “masquerade,” criticized Ugo Bernalicis (LFI).

“We are starting a race against the clock,” explained the president of the Law Commission, Yaël Braun-Pivet.

The deputies adopted in the early morning the text in committee after twelve hours of debate and the examination of some 600 amendments.

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