Vendula in captivity superstition? IT’S BORN!

She is already carrying her third baby under her heart, and as a seasoned mother, according to many, she should be at peace, despite the fact that her first child has died and there will be a fifteen-year difference between the second and third babies. Although Vendula Pizingerová is often over the top, she still believes in superstitions and does not want to underestimate anything with her third child.

Pregnant Vendula Pizingerová (48) is happiness without oneself. After announcing another future addition, only September is a great inspiration for many women. Her loved ones prepared a “babyshower” for Pizinger and her baby, which is a celebration held before the baby arrives. The birthday girl always receives a lot of gifts for the baby from her loved ones and will have a lot of fun before the arrival of new love. Vendula got a lot of equipment from her friends, but there was a big problem with the pram. The founder of Kapka Naděje believes in superstitions. “She’s not supposed to be home, she’s unlucky. I will not reveal the color. Only my husband, mother-in-law and a couple of my loved ones know the sex, “said Pizingerová about the pram.

No offense to Zuzana Bubble: Pregnant Pizinger, anniversary Bartošové and other shoes!

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Vojta Kitten should have ended up in the hospital after the accident! And pregnant Pizinger is the target of perversions

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