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Veckring. A new fence around the paintball center

The paintball center attracts over 20,000 players each year. But, the state of the framework of the concrete wall worried. Indeed, still period, it leans in some places dangerously towards the sidewalks and the bus stop used by college students.

“The subject was regularly put forward in the town hall by residents”, explains the mayor, Pascal Jost. A first big step has just been taken thanks to an agreement between the owner and the municipality to change more than fifty meters of fence, by securing the bus stop. The municipality remained in charge of this site of security and embellishment at the same time. The Molaro company in Hombourg-Budange carried out this work.

The history of the enclosure

This enclosure protected the barracks of soldiers who came to serve on the Hackenberg site before the Second World War. Barracks which then housed during four years of Nazi occupation some 400 conscripted by force, of Russian and Ukrainian origin (mainly women posted in the kitchens and for cleaning).

After 1945, French troops reinvested the place, and jeeps turned in the valley. In the 1960s, it was members of the OAS, for example, who stayed there for a few days, during General de Gaulle’s visit to Thionville and eastern France… Then, an individual bought the estate with many buildings in poor condition that make it a popular paintball spot.

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