Varna residents went crazy over Ukrainian trout

Fish from 2 to 4 kg settled in the lagoon of Thrace

After we were the first to announce the 300,000 American trout released from Ukraine in the Black Sea, their catch in Varna is already a mania. In the beginning, these fish appeared in the nets near Shabla – one by one, two by two, then began to jump into the sea near Varna.

The American women are spinning along the closed lagoons from the inside of the riots. The search for almost enclosed pools may be a reflex of their life in networked waters. Trout were caught at the First Rebellion and the rebellion in the Asparuhovo neighborhood. They pecked at almost any sea bait, even bumping into ticks. The last time a great American woman was caught by Manol Petkov from Varna was on the Thrace rebellion on her inner side.

Manol noticed large dark backs below the surface revolving around his boat. The artificially fed fish revolve around the boat of the thalers, who often throw the crushed chicks into the sea at sunrise. So he went to bed early in the morning and at 7.15 am caught the 3-kilogram fish on a wobbler. According to him, the weather was bad and the trout was angry, as is the case with all river and sea predators.

“The news about the torn trout cages in Ukraine quickly reached us. We also started hearing from old fishermen about unusual shadows of large fish in the water around their boats in the morning and evening. They suspected huge mullets spinning in their ponds.

Luckily we received information from friends that they had chased quite large fish the day before – they were sure they were trout. That’s what we needed. An hour later we loaded baits, believing that if we found the fish, we would be lucky, and we went to the place we had been told.

Unfortunately, we arrived quite late in the evening and managed to register only one chase, but a rather large trout. I’m not told about the adrenaline, I was close to getting wet.

There was not much sleep in the evening. Getting up at 3 o’clock and around 5 o’clock we were already in the same place. This time we had loaded other suitable lures. The weather is disgusting – strong wind and rain, almost a storm. We had two hours to fish before we left for work. The logical thing happened and after a few throws the “freight train” took me. Fierce struggle, throwing over the water and crucified advances. In the end, the fish ended up in a lump. Trout, about 60 cm and about 3 kg. I admit, I have rarely had such fun. A day that will be remembered for a long time “, says the excited Manol on social networks, who is currently the star of Varna.

Three days after Petkov’s feat, dozens are throwing various wobblers and lures for hours. “I saw the trout lying here at the bottom, one of them bounced off, jumped and left on the second try,” said another trembling fisherman. It was knitted with basic fiber and 0.40 fluorocarbon lead. The belly of the trout was full of fish and a lot of foil, so they eat everything shiny, adds another craze.

So far, about 8 fish have been taken out on the Thrace, and some have been successful with a float and a silicone shrimp on the span below it. Others try natural shrimp, but without success. There is no desire to use the famous trout paste on the Dospat dam, which is available in fishing shops and smells of carrion. As you know, these fish are crazy about caviar, but no one has tried to catch a duck, which is now full of caviar, and throw on it.

Trout obsession overshadowed other fisheries.

The emerald again appeared after years of absence, sea bream jumped out near Shabla

The emerald again attacking the tents on our shore. Boatmen between Kiten and Primorsko made a good catch of a kilo or two. This fish resembles horse mackerel in shape and size, but has a black diamond on its body. Years ago, a well-known fisherman caught an emerald in Greece and threw it back because he thought it was poisonous.

The emerald last appeared 20 years ago in the north and was caught at the Sea Station in Varna, to the delight of horse mackerel hunters. However, the sardine, which also comes from the Bosphorus, has been missing for several years.

In the meantime, beautiful cipura jumped out near Shabla. This is quite strange, because so far this Aegean fish could be caught in our country only near Ahtopol. It is believed that because of the war, many of the zippers that live in the waters around Crimea sailed south.

Crimean horse mackerel it is also caught in the north, while in the south they are still waiting for the migration of this fish from the Bosphorus. The successes were between Tyulenovo and Kamen Bryag.

Mullet He went to the Dobrudja campsite, where a Bulgarian-Romanian competition for his catch was even held.

Many were taken out around Tsarevo small sharks, who should generally live north of Shabla.

RECIPE: Trout in the tile

Trout in the tile is one of the folk delicacies. The fish is baked between two tiles so as not to lose some of its fat, as it is drier than the lefer that is made on the tile.

Various vegetables are used for the preparation. You also need butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder and lemon.

Rub the fish with black pepper and salt and apply lemon juice on the skin. The tile is greased with pure oil and the fish with the vegetables arranged around it is placed in it. Bake on charcoal, covering the dish with the second tile on top. At some point, the fish can be turned over for better roasting on both sides.

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