Var. Two young people suspected of having three vehicles in the space of four days

Two young people will have to explain themselves to justice for the theft of two cars and a scooter. They are suspected of having committed these misdeeds between October 19 and 23, relates Var-Matin.

Two flights took place at Saint-Raphaël (Where) and the third in Saint-Aygulf. One of the suspects is known to the police for acts of violence. He and his alleged accomplice were brought before the Draguignan prosecutor’s office.

The sedan and the scooter found

The two young suspects, aged 20 and 18, allegedly committed their first home-jacking on October 19, in Saint-Raphaël. They would have left with the car of the owner of the house visited. Then they would have reoffended on October 21, this time taking a scooter while its owner was sleeping. The third and last theft of which they are accused is that of a German sedan, on the day of October 23, in Saint-Aygulf.

One of the suspects was found riding the stolen scooter. He tried to escape the police but was finally arrested. Police raided his home. There they found items belonging to the victims and the German sedan parked nearby.


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