Vanessa Bauche emphasizes that Pascacio has not been found innocent

Actress Vanesa Bauche is calm, since the litigation against actor Pascacio López continues to advance.

Vanessa Bauche assures that she feels calm and happy, since the litigation she is carrying out against Pascacio López, whom she accused of having verbally and sexually assaulted her by offending her and forcibly kissing her, continues to advance.

“My three lawsuits are progressing very well, I am very happy, it is something that had to be done, psycho-emotionally I am very well,” said the actress, who supposedly suffered these attacks from the actor, when both were recording the series “Guerra de Vecinos.” which they starred in in 2020 for Netflix.

Throughout her vast acting career, in film, theater and TV, which totals around 36 years, Vanessa had not experienced something as unpleasant as what happened to her with this actor, and in this specific production, which minimized the events. .

“It’s the only unpleasant thing I’ve experienced in my 36-year career,” he commented.

Although Pascacio is carrying out his proceedings in freedom, Vanessa assures that this does not mean that he is innocent, much less of another process that is being followed against him, also for sexual abuse in the same production, which occurred against the actress Sarah Nichols.

“The aggressor has not been declared innocent in Sarah’s case, he was only granted non-binding in a way that was not well supported in legal terms, in a very strange way. He is not declared innocent, his case is not closed,” he indicated.

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