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Valeria’s son spoke about the wedding


The marriage registration of Arseny Shulgin and Liana Volkova will take place in the near future.

Arseny Shulgin and Liana Volkova. Photo: instagram.com/arseniy_shulgin

A few days ago, Valeria’s son Arseny Shulgin announced the upcoming marriage… The 21-year-old blogger chose a student Liana Volkova. The couple has been dating for a little less than a year. The wedding will be played in the near future, in late August or early September. As Arseny admitted to his Instagram subscribers, the ceremony will be held in the fresh air.

“We think this is the most ideal option,” the young man said.

Arseny Shulgin chooses a location for the wedding
Arseny Shulgin chooses the location for the wedding. Photo: instagram.com/arseniy_shulgin

The lovers have not yet decided on the date of the wedding. But it is already known that Arseny himself will organize the celebration. He does not expect help from the star mom and her husband.

Recall that in December 2019, Arseny Shulgin and Liana Volkova got into an accident near St. Petersburg. The girl received an open fracture of the arm, and the young man also required surgery. His lips were stitched.



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