Valeria’s daughter-in-law showed her sleeping husband and daughter. A photo

Liana Shulgina puts Celine’s newborn baby to bed with her.

Arseny and Liana Shulgin. Photo:

Singer Valeria in the new year became a grandmother for the first time. The youngest son gave her a new status Arseny Shulgin and his wife Liana. A girl was born, who was named with an unusual name Celine, and she is already 1 month old.

Mom and Dad can’t get enough of a baby. Valeria’s daughter-in-law recently arranged for her daughter the first photo session in her life, dressed in beautiful dresses. It turned out very touching, and the young mother captured these moments in her microblog.

On the eve, Arseny and Liana celebrated Valentine’s Day. They spent a romantic weekend in a fashionable hotel in the center of Moscow, dined in a luxurious restaurant, and later returned home happy, refreshed and missed their daughter.

Valeria's daughter-in-law showed sleeping husband and daughter
Valeria’s daughter-in-law showed her sleeping husband and daughter. Photo:

A young mother hugged little Celine and showed a touching picture: a husband sleeping next to her and a little daughter next to her.

“My pets are sleeping,” Liana signed the photo.

The young mom admitted that the day was very busy, and now they can all have a good rest together.

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