Valentino Rossi Panic His Brother Accident at Le Mans

Le Mans

Valentino Rossi was really worried on the first day of the racing championship series French MotoGP 2020. Because, his brother, Luca Marini, had a severe crash.

Rossi just passed two French MotoGP free practice sessions on Friday (9/10/2020) at the Le Mans Circuit. However, his thoughts were disturbed about his younger brother.

Luca Marini apparently crashed in the second Moto2 free training session. Rider Sky Racing Team 46 It fell in Turn 5. He fell on the highside and his body hit the asphalt quite hard.

As a result, Marini was immediately rushed to the medical center. There, Rossi, the older brother, was waiting anxiously for him.

“I spoke with Luca. He is fine. I am afraid because it was a very bad accident, but fortunately the impact was not too bad. So he is generally good and this is very important,” said Rossi, as reported by Rossi. Crash.

“Maybe he has a small fracture in the left malleolus. This will be a problem because you have three races in a row and a left foot for the gearbox. Now he is in hospital for further tests,” he explained.

Marini, who is Rossi’s half sister, admitted that her leg was still sore. The rider who is leading the Moto2 competition hopes to keep racing well.

“In FP2 I hit hard,” said Marini.

“My ankle hurts, but there is no fracture. It will not be easy to get back on track tomorrow, but I will give my best,” hoped the 23-year-old rider.

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