“Vaccines do not make us absolutely waterproof”

“I feel fine and since yesterday I have returned to work, to life outside the home and confinement. “With these words the immunologist Alberto Corell explain how you are after get coronavirus despite having the complete guideline.

The expert contracted the disease a month after receiving the second dose despite having scrupulously complied with all protective measures against COVID-19. “The only moment in which it has been able to happen, is in a meal that I did with some people in the open air and one of them was infected with quite a lot of symptoms. It was a person who was not vaccinated“.

“The vaccine does not make us waterproof”

Corell explains that his symptomFortunately, they were not significant. “Have been compatible with a cold, even some of them with an allergic outbreak. Above all, I had quite a runny nose for a couple of days and a sore throat. ”

However, it warns that they are symptoms “that can be mistaken for an allergy so you have to be very careful. This worries us because in my case, if I had not tested positive for another person, I would not have noticed it and for a few days I would have been able to infect other people “.

After going through this experience, he is now “free of clinical symptoms, but warns the population: “The vaccine does not make us absolutely waterproof and we can continue to have contact with the virus. ”


The Government, for the moment, is committed to maintaining the removal of masks outdoor. On this issue, Corell states that “it has been fatally communicated the topic. Taking off our masks has been seen as the end of the pandemic and this is a serious mistake. An effort must be made to educate citizens “.

Self-diagnostic test

Anyone can now buy tests to detect COVID-19 without the need for a prescription thanks to the self-diagnostic test. Pharmacies already sell these products, something the pharmaceutical industry has been asking for for weeks.

The immunologist, Alberto Corell, also celebrates this decision, although with nuances. “They can help, but they have a couple of major drawbacks And it is not so easy to do a test of this type and you also have to communicate the result. People have to assume that responsibility if they test positive, confine themselves and report it to the health authorities. “


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