Vaccination option in the company: lvh pleased

After the Italian Ministry of Health and the social partners agreed on vaccination options in companies (STOL reported), the state safety protocols were immediately adapted. These provide that employees of companies who want to be vaccinated will soon be able to receive a vaccination against the stubborn coronavirus. “This step represents an important perspective for all areas of the economy. On the one hand for the maintenance of economic activities, but above all for the opening of the still restricted sectors as is the case in tourism, ”emphasizes lvh President Martin Haller.

It is important that the vaccination takes place on a voluntary basis. “Everyone should and can decide for themselves whether they want to take this opportunity or not. I assume, however, that the willingness to vaccinate across all economic sectors will be very high. In the past year, everyone has felt the lockdown effects and restrictions multiple times. To be allowed to do a job or to have a job has acquired a new meaning. We are all grateful and confident that with the vaccination there is finally a way out ”, emphasizes Haller.


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