Shark light at the end of the ray on the # KulturKucken YouTube channel: Lapplaender in SeaLife

Carsten Wrede von Tresohr (in the pool on the left), who conducted the interview with Crisso (lead singer; on the right in the pool) and Marcel (bouzouki player; in the pool in the middle). The film was made by Christian Ripkens (right in the picture) (Photo: City of Oberhausen)

Oberhausen. The smutje in the galley is going crazy! On Saturday, April 10th, 2021, the band Lapplaender is doing a lot of power with Irish and Nordic Folk, because they visited the SeaLife Oberhausen and provided plenty of entertainment for the residents of the aquarium. The video shot there also gives an insight into the SeaLife itself as well as the history of the band. Half the band wandered over the plank for an interview. Worth watching! Those interested can watch the video from Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 7 p.m. on the #KulturKucken “KUMU Stadt_Oberhausen” YouTube channel.

#KulturKucken is an initiative of the Oberhausener Wirtschafts- & Tourismusförderung GmbH and the culture office of the city of Oberhausen. Further information and the #KulturKucken program can be found at:

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