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People walk past a sign for a Covid vaccination site on March 29, 2021 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

Just one day after the president of USA, Joe Biden will announce that as of April 19, all citizens of legal age were eligible to receive the vaccine against the COVID-19 virus, in New York, one of the cities hardest hit by the virus, with 1.92 million infected people and 50,239 deaths, it quickly accelerates its vaccination process, now launching a new mobile vaccination program, which will reach the most vulnerable people in the city. What is it about?

These are 20 official vans or buses of the local administration, which contain the respective logos and official information on vaccination in the city, which will be traveling the streets of the Big Apple, with the purpose of administering the COVID vaccine -19 in the most difficult to access places, in vulnerable communities such as homeless and undocumented people, restaurant workers and personnel in charge of delivering addresses.

Each of these cars have between four to six people in charge and trained to vaccinate the population with the vaccine of Johnson & Johnson. It should be noted that each truck will be equipped with sufficient health and medical supplies to carry out this new vaccination program.

According to NBC New YorkOn this Wednesday, the first day of mobile vaccination in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on Seventh Avenue between 53rd and 54th streets, workers will be able to request their appointment by e-mail [email protected] or call 1-833- ROAR-NYC (1-833-762-7692).

Through Twitter New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio assured that “We are doing everything possible to get as many people vaccinated. We will reach all New Yorkers by deploying mobile vans. Next stop: vaccines! Our new Mobile Vaccine Bus will deliver 200 # COVID19 doses of vaccines per day to our most vulnerable residents, including homeless and undocumented New Yorkers. We are breaking down barriers to keep our city safe and healthy. ”

As reported by the president, these respective vehicles will have approximately 150 to 200 doses of vaccines per day, between one to three days, to achieve a more accelerated vaccination. The Sunset Park bus is expected to stay there for three days before moving to East Harlem and Williamsburg. According to Telemundo, New Yorkers must schedule the respective appointment in advance, but, given the case of availability, they can receive people without the need for an appointment. It should be noted that the buses will have on-site interpretation and vaccination materials in 12 languages.

“We are doing everything possible to get the most shots in the weapons. With more than 4.6 million doses administered now, we are going above and beyond to reach all New Yorkers, deploying mobile vans and expanding walk-ins to help our city recover one dose at a time. ” Said the mayor.

Also, according to NYC, vaccines will reach restaurant workers and delivery people and the first bus in the fleet will be operated by “Promobile Kitchen, Daybreak Health will administer the vaccines and Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR) will help restaurant workers sign up to obtain the appointments in advance and in the place ”.

“These are people who have been heroic throughout this pandemic. They have been making sure New Yorkers are fed. They have been out there. They have been vulnerable. Obviously some of them are undocumented people. We need to reach them, “concluded de Blasio.

For his part, Dr. Ted Long, executive director of NYC Test & Trace. Corps and senior vice president of ambulatory care and population health at NYC Health + Hospitals, said in that “The new mobile vaccination fleet and ambulatory care service builds on our efforts to reach New Yorkers most in need with life-saving vaccines as we race against the virus. With these growing options for our priority communities, we are breaking down barriers to make vaccines for all a reality in New York City. “

Pilot plan without an appointment

Following this important announcement of ‘Mobile Vaccination’ also in the city, the pilot program of appointments without prior appointment will be expanded for New Yorkers over 75 years of age, in the 25 centers managed by the city.

Below is a complete list of authorized centers, provided by


• Bushwick Educational Campus
• Canarsie HS
• Brooklyn Army Terminal
• Starrett City – Spring Creek Towers
• Teachers Prep
• Flatbush YMCA
• City Point
• Coney Island YMCA (abre 4/8)


• South Bronx Educational Campus
• Bronx High School of Science
• Co-Op City
• Bathgate
• West Bronx Gymnasium


• Beach Channel Educational Campus
• Long Island City
• Korean Community Services
• CitiField
• Martin Van Buren Highschool

Staten Island:

• Ocean Breeze Athletic
• Empire Outlets


• Essex Crossing
• City College
• Abyssinian Baptist Church
• Ford Foundation (abre 4/7)
• Yeshiva University (abre 4/7)
• Fulton Community Center (abre 4/7)

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