Vaccination against monkeypox in October and November

GGD Amsterdam started the monkeypox vaccination campaign on 25 July. This campaign is aimed at people at greatest risk of monkeypox virus infection.

Who will get a vaccination?

RIVM defined three groups between men who have sex with men (MSM) and trans people:

  1. to. People using PrEP through the Center for Sexual Health
    b. Prepare waiting list users for CSG.
    c. People who use PrEP through their family doctor.
  2. People living with HIV who have a higher risk of STIs. This is determined by their HIV practitioner.
  3. People known at the Center for Sexual Health as people with an increased risk of STIs, including prostitutes.

These clients recently received an invitation to make a vaccination appointment via the national call team. The invitation for groups 1a, 1b and 3 was sent by the Center for Sexual Health. Invitations for group 1c were sent through GPs and invitations for group 2 were sent through HIV care centers.


The vaccine, Imvanex, requires two injections. People born before 1975 usually only need 1 vaccination because they have never had a smallpox vaccination.


As the response to the invitations is delayed, it was decided that appointments can be made for the first injections throughout October. The second blow can therefore still be given in November.

Do you have questions about the vaccination campaign or did you not receive an invitation even though you are part of the target group? Then call GGD Amsterdam: 020-555 9390.

Vaccination at the GGD headquarters

GGD Amsterdam’s monkeypox vaccinations are now being administered in the RAI pavilion. From 10 October, the monkeypox vaccination site will move to the GGD headquarters on the Nieuwe Achtergracht in Amsterdam (near the Weesperplein metro stop). After October 10, you can get vaccinated on Wednesday evenings and weekends. Vaccinations are always by appointment. Please bring the invitation letter to the appointment.

After November 30, the monkeypox vaccination campaign will end.

> Learn more about the monkeypox vaccination campaign.

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