Kulusevski: leaving Juventus was the best decision


Dejan Kulusevski mentions his decision to leave Juve and join Tottenham Hotspur as the best. Things did not go well at Juventus.

Kulusevski joined Tottenham in the January transfer window. The Swedish international joined on loan for 18 months.

Kulusevski leaves Turin after not being the first choice Massimiliano Allegri. Before moving to Tottenham, he made his debut just five times in 20 Serie A games.


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At Tottenham, Kulusevski is a pillar Antonio Conte. The 22-year-old winger is almost always a starter and has contributed six goals and 11 assists since he wore the Lilywhites kit.

So what went wrong at Juventus?

“I don’t know, sometimes things go well in football. I haven’t changed anything in recent months,” said Kulusevski. Journal.

“I always go out on the pitch full of commitment. At Juventus, however, things don’t go as far as I try.”

“I like to look ahead rather than look back. Of course I wasn’t feeling well at Juventus for many reasons and when you realize that things don’t work out it’s difficult to change course in the same environment. I can take that situation.”

“Things are going better in England. On and off the pitch. Now I always want to play and win for my team,” said Kulusevski.

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