Home Entertainment Utyasheva and Volya arranged a home holiday in honor of their daughter. Video

Utyasheva and Volya arranged a home holiday in honor of their daughter. Video

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The couple shared touching footage in which Sofia unfolds gifts.

Lyaysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya. Photo: instagram.com/liasanutiasheva/

Laysan Utyasheva she used to be a rhythmic gymnast, but left the big sport due to injuries. Now she is building a career as a TV presenter. In recent years, the girl led show “Dancing”. At the same time, she managed to raise children with her husband Pavel Volya. She gave the famous humorist a son, Robert, and a daughter, Sophia. For a long time, star parents hid the heirs from prying eyes, but now they are showing them more and more often.

On May 5, Laysan and Volya organized a holiday at home in honor of their daughter’s birthday. Even at night, they decorated the room with pink balloons, and also set the table and prepared gifts.

“Preparing for the birthday. And she sleeps, and here everything is boiling! ” – said the TV presenter.

In the morning, the baby received congratulations from her parents and even from her great-grandmother, who came from Bashkiria. The girl was sitting on the floor and unfolding gifts.

“Everyone gives Lola as gifts. You have a lol-birth! ” – Will joked.

Relatives watched the baby, who was six years old. Utyasheva also edited the video, showing archival photos. She showed how she looked during pregnancy, as well as the first photos of Sophia, whom Pavel was holding in his arms.

“Our girl, you are 6 years old! Every day I think about how not to spoil … By your 6 you put us in a dead end with your talent, charm in everything! And this is not just “mother’s snot”, it really is! (Although I cry every your birthday). You are my best assistant … you feel the moments and in each of them an incredible coquette (we all should learn from you). Wise beyond her years … my girl, ”she wrote.

The TV presenter also said that the heiress has been playing tennis since she was two years old, dancing and loving music. She even plays the piano and learned 10 songs in a month. “I love. my apricot, ”added Utyasheva affectionately. The fans admitted that they shed tears from the touching frames and words. Many were amazed at how the baby grew up. She already has long hair, like her mother once had.

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