USponsor Me, job search site in the USA


USponsor Me, the perfect tool to find your job in the USA, from New York to Los Angeles

With their experience, Maxime and Sarah, founders of USponsor Me, have developed a site bringing together companies in the USA ready to recruit francophones, but above all, sponsor a foreign job seeker for come to work in the United States. Usponsor Me is the perfect site to connect top researchers with the right profiles a job in the United States.

USponsor Me, much more than a job search site

Contact Us The USponsor Me Job Search Site analyze your profile, calculate the type de visa for which you are eligible, and directs you to job or internship offers anywhere in the USA, including Los Angeles and New York that suit you, in companies that can technically sponsor you for your calculated visa.

In addition to a complete tool to be recruited by the employer or the employee of your dreams, USponsor Me provides american resume templates, and lots of advice on how to apply in order to increase your chances of winning your job interviews in the United States. You can also upload your CV to USponsor Me so that it is visible to recruiters in the United States.

USponsor Me does not give any legal advice and works closely with immigration lawyers for your visa.

Do you want to expatriate in the United States ? You do not have work visa ? Discover the Jobs on Usponsor Me that interest you today.

USponsor Me

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