News The wrath of Prime Minister Conte: the Democratic Party...

The wrath of Prime Minister Conte: the Democratic Party decides what it wants


The premier leaks from government sources, to say the least angry at the attitude of the Democratic Party and does nothing to hide it. They press me and attack me from all sides – the (bad) mood of the Prime Minister – They say I have to run and close the files, but it is precisely the ministers of the Democratic Party that are holding back on the revocation. They say that Conte is very annoyed at how Roberto Gualtieri and Paola De Micheli, Economy and Transport, are pulling for long a decision that has dragged on for two years. You have to decide – Conte presses behind closed doors, annoyed by the government’s “fool” and firm on the ultimatum outlined in Madrid – On the eve of a decisive European Council we cannot afford this joke. And it is certainly not for me to conduct negotiations and negotiations with Autostrade.

They are not in the Nazarene and ensure that if someone brakes, certainly not registered in the Democratic Party. In the secretariat rooms they remember that for months Zingaretti has been pushing Conte to move forward because over time things get greasy and a mess breaks out. And now that the mess broke out, at Palazzo Chigi they must understand that Conte holding the snitch in his hand.

In conclusion, a ping pong that is making your nerves jump not only to the chief executive, but also to the ministers involved and party leaders. Matteo Renzi told the Print than to hunt the Benettons easy to say, how impossible to do. While the 5 stars think the opposite. For Luigi Di Maio there are only two ways: either the revocation of the concession to Aspi, or the exit of the Benettons from society and nationalization. And we still fight on letter from Minister Paola De Micheli to the mayor of Genoa and commissioner Marco Bucci, because they explain to the Ministry of Transport that it was copied on an equal footing with that of the ex-minister Toninelli, where it was written that the bridge would go under management to the concessionaire of the moment.

In the M5S predict that Monday the Council of Ministers will be infinite. Conte is in a hurry and has fixed him at 9 am, not only because Angela Merkel is waiting for him in Berlin. He is in a hurry to get rid of a dossier that is hot and that is undermining the already fragile hold of the majority. Monday away, we have to close on the weekend, the prime minister repeats to the collaborators, hoping that by Sunday the Benettons will present a new proposal on tariffs, compensatory works, maintenance and compensation (this time really convincing), so that on the CDM table there are not only the revocation papers.

Conte is exploding, he can’t take it anymore, an M5S exponent confirms. And the all-political problem. On the technical level, in fact, the Prime Minister has not changed his mind and continues to think that the revocation contains legal pitfalls that, in these two years, have inspired him prudence. The fear of Palazzo Chigi is an infinite legal dispute, combined with Conte’s skepticism about Anas’ ability to manage 3900 square kilometers of asphalt.

And there is another thorn, Alessandro Di Battista returned to the attack and he says he is very favorable to the revocation of the concessions to the Benettons. Also because, a drop of poison distills the former star MP, two years have also been said by the Prime Minister and the M5S. The rebound of responsibility is becoming so embarrassing that, in the evening, the Democratic Party tries to remove the suspects from the Nazarene. For Undersecretary Roberto Morassut, the government has the right to evaluate the revocation or a radical revision of the concessions. How to say that certainly not the Democratic Party to brake. We as Count would have preferred the negotiation and not the revocation, to save the jobs and not end up in a dead-end legal dispute – explains an executive working on the dossier – But we will not let the government fall on Autostrade. Conte can be peaceful.


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