USA and Canada, powerful wave of imminent frost, down to -45°C! Are there risks for Italy too? »

Weather: USA and Canada, powerful frost wave imminent, down to -45°C! Are there risks for Italy too?

Very intense wave of frost arriving between the USA and CanadaIn the coming days, many areas of the United States of America and Canada will have to deal with a new and very intense wave of frost that will bring temperatures down to -45°C.

Although it will not be an intense episode like the one that took place in the days just before Christmas, the temperature however, they will touch very respectable values. The lowest peaks, around -45°Cthey can be reached right on the northernmost areas canadians, geographically closer to the arctic circle from where in fact this massive wave of frost will originate.

Less freezing temperatures will be recorded in the central part where peaks of slightly below i -30°C to then arrive at the southernmost compartments where it will descend towards i -15°C.

My he big ice it will also affect the USA. Although it will not reach -45 ° C as in northern Canada, in the northernmost areas temperature minime will be able to fall below the threshold of -30°C.

The map below shows the thermal anomalies at an altitude of approximately 1500m. In the areas colored in fuchsia, temperatures could even be 20°C below the average for the period.Thermal anomalies at 1500m altitude between USA and CANADAThermal anomalies at 1500m altitude between USA and CANADAHaving said that, the question arises spontaneously; Will there be risks for Italy too? Well, at the moment in “our little way” we are dealing with a break-in of cold air that has nothing to do with the one taking place overseas and, moreover, has no direct connection. Indeed, to tell the truth, among the great lands of America our continent, there is a vast anticyclonic area (Azores) which at the moment shelters us from any threat coming from the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. In short, sleep peacefully … For now!

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