US PC Market Continues to Decline, With Q1 2023 Shipments Dropping 28%: Latest Data from Canalys

The PC market in the United States continued and amplified its decline with a decline of 28% in the first quarter of 2023. While a high point of more than 25 M units had been reached in the second quarter of 2021, shipments are fallout at 14 million units according to the latest data from Canalys. In detail, the decline is 31% for laptops at 11.4m units and 28% for desktops at 2.7m units.

Many factors combine to explain this dip, as Canalys analyst Ishan Dutt explains:

“The expected post-holiday seasonal drop coincided with the chain’s finalization of the inventory correction, which led to weak PC sales. On the business side, companies continue to grapple with economic pressures, including three more interest rate hikes since the start of the year. Budget-conscious organizations extended the lifecycle of their existing PCs, and many opted only for critical upgrades. »

After already four consecutive quarters of marked decline, an improvement is emerging for the end of the year with a year-on-year increase forecast at 6% in the fourth quarter. And it should increase next year with expected shipments 13% higher than in 2023.

The factors supporting this resurgence in demand are the moderation of inflation, which fell back below 5% in the United States in the second quarter, the pause in the tightening of monetary policy and an improvement in the business climate. The education sector is expected to give a back-to-school boost on Chromebooks and the need to refresh devices to migrate to Windows 11 is also expected to be a driver in 2024.

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In the meantime, the top three builders are having a drink. According to Canalys data, shipments from Dell, HP and Lenovo fell 26.2%, 13.2% and 35% respectively. All three have just released their quarterly results with revenue declines for their PC divisions of 23% for Dell, 29% for HP and 21% for Lenovo.

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