Losan Pharma’s Expansion Continues with New Administration Building at Breisgau Business Park

The Neuchâtel pharmaceutical producer Losan continues to grow. The new administration building in the Breisgau business park was recently put into operation. A three-digit million amount was invested in the new building.

At the headquarters in Neuenburg am Rhein, Losan Pharma GmbH, which produces for leading and internationally active pharmaceutical manufacturers, has long since reached the limits of its growth. For this reason, a building for packaging technology was built in the business park a few years ago. Construction work is currently underway on another production building, and a high-bay warehouse is to follow in the coming years. In Neuchâtel, where the company headquarters will remain, the capacity for research and development of the products will be expanded.

“Our company was founded in Neuchâtel in 1992. Since then it has enjoyed strong growth,” reported the two managing directors Jens Morgenthaler and Thomas Andresen on the occasion of the official opening ceremony of the new administration building. Losan’s annual turnover is around 90 million euros, and the company currently employs around 650 people. The course of expansion had consequences for the corporate structure over the years. According to the two managing directors, for example, the administration was spread over several buildings in Neuchâtel. “The merger in modern rooms here in the business park is like a liberation for us,” said Andresen.

The two managing directors underlined the special importance that the parent company, Dr. Falk Pharma in Freiburg, played in the realization. “The Falk family placed a lot of trust in us and freed up the funds for the large investment,” emphasized Andresen and Morgenthaler, who added: “A future-oriented working environment has now emerged here.” The managing directors refer to the open office landscape, which enables fast communication over short distances. “In accordance with the experiences of our workforce, there has already been some positive feedback in the first few weeks,” said Morgenthaler and Andresen happily. The building was built according to the KfW 40 standard, and the office and meeting rooms are modern and of high quality.

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One of the company owners of the Falk Pharma Group, Martin Falk, was also happy: “This building speaks for itself.” Falk pointed out the room concept and the appealing modern architecture. He sees the new administration building as the first building block for a “fully integrated pharmaceutical plant” whose individual components are seamlessly interlinked. The new administration building was the largest single investment by the Falk Group to date, explain those responsible. Martin Falk emphasized that great confidence in the Losan management and in the company’s highly motivated workforce led to this decision.

On behalf of the members of the association, the deputy chairman of the Breisgau business park association, Hartheim’s mayor Stefan Ostermaier, expressed his delight at the establishment of Losan Pharma in the business park. In view of the announced and ongoing construction projects, he is curious to see how Losan will continue to develop. At the end, Ostermaier said: “Losan Pharma is a great flagship for the business park.” Referring to the working environment, the association director of the business park, Markus Riesterer, added: “Working here is almost a dream.” For him, Losan is a good example of how the industrial park has developed over the past ten years and has ensured a continuous increase in jobs.

Today, according to Riesterer, the companies in the business park offer over 3,000 jobs. Losan Pharma has made a decisive contribution to this with hundreds of jobs. So far, 150 employees have found a job in the new administration building alone.

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