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In the green

Brice Cognard (8): Without him, US Avranches loses the match, it’s that simple. Despite some weaknesses at the foot, he was imperial in his aerial and ground interventions. If the two saves against Flochon and Farade are to be remembered, he was also good in dangerous situations. If the Norman defense has been good, its best representative is its goalkeeper.

Kelly Irep (7) : Arrived this summer in Créteil from Paralimni (Cyprus), the full-back was solid on both sides of the field. Present in the duels, almost impenetrable on his right side, he declined in offensive intensity in the second period, like the rest of the team. Above all, he releases a lagging ball in his own area which could have cost Créteil (69th) dearly.

Sébastien Flochon (7): At the height of his 28 years, the midfielder Cristolien – arrived from Chambly this summer – showed an incredible volume of play. He is behind two of USCL’s three biggest chances. Less rhythmic in the second half, he nevertheless remained present, on all sides of the field, to provide support solutions to the full-backs.

In the red

Florian Bianchini (4) : Very little served in the first half, where he shared the front of the attack alongside David Pollet, Bianchini was hardly seen. Despite his passage on the left wing in the second half, he was the unfortunate victim of the expulsion of Falouh and left in the 58th for the more than interesting comeback of Martin Experience.

Oussama Falouh (4) : A radiant first period, then a bad gesture in the second. The Avranches side could have been the man of the match if he hadn’t stepped on Aouladzian’s right leg. A bad gesture that seemed involuntary, but which earned his expulsion in the 53rd minute.

Kevin Farade (5): Too little found in the first half, he also struggled to win in the air during Flochon’s many set pieces. More comfortable in his pivotal role after half-time, he also hampered the opponent’s recovery by keeping Avranches captain Charles Boateng on loan. Unfortunately his awakening in the second period did not erase the first 45 minutes, when the USCL dominated the most.



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