Elementary School Student in Gresik Blinded by Meatball Skewer: Alleged Intimidation and Investigation

Elementary School Student in Gresik Blinded by Meatball Skewer: Alleged Intimidation and Investigation

CNN Indonesia

Thursday, 21 Sep 2023 13:44 IWST

The student at SDN 236 Gresik who experienced blindness due to alleged violence at his school underwent an MRI examination at PHC Hospital, Surabaya (Wednesday (20/9). (CNN Indonesia/Farid)

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia

The family of SAH (8), an elementary school student in GresikEast Java, who is ‘blind in one eye’ because poked on a meatball skewer by upperclassmen allegedly experiencing intimidation.

This was revealed by the legal advisor to the victim’s family, Abdul Malik. However, Malik has not immediately revealed who the party suspected of intimidating the victim’s family was.

“Earlier he said that someone was intimidating the victim and the victim’s mother,” said Malik, after accompanying the victim to undergo an MRI examination at PHC Surabaya Hospital, Wednesday (20/9).

As a lawyer for the victim’s family, Malik also asked that the intimidation of his client be stopped. Because his party is currently focusing on the legal process and SAH recovery.

“As lawyers, we ask that no one be intimidated, ask that this process proceed, focus on the health of this child,” he said.

Furthermore, Malik said, SAH’s eye health was clearly still disturbed. His vision in his right eye decreased and he could not see objects in front of him.

“I show you a bottle of drinking water, I close this left eye [mata sebelah kanan] he couldn’t see,” he said.

Meanwhile, Malik said that the victim’s left eye could still clearly see objects in front of him.

Lawyer for the family of SAH (8), a student who was bullied and became blind in Gresik, Abdul Malik. (CNN Indonesia/Farid)

Not only that, SAH’s psychological condition is also still depressed. He doesn’t want to go to school yet and feels scared.

“If it is our wish, the victim’s, and the victim’s parents, we are PH, this child will recover first, psychologically and psychologically,” said the lawyer for the victim’s family.

Previously, SAH (8), a 2nd grade elementary school student in Menganti, Gresik, was blinded after being poked in the eye with a meatball skewer by her senior. This happened because the victim did not want to give pocket money to the perpetrator, who was thought to be his senior.

The incident, which allegedly occurred in early August in the school area, began to be handled by the Gresik Police this September, and has been elevated to investigation status. Even though it is under investigation status, the police have not named a suspect.

Regarding the alleged intimidation of the victim’s family as revealed by his lawyer, CNNIndonesia.com contact the Gresik Police. However, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the Gresik Police, AKP Aldhino Prima, said that so far his party had not received any information about the alleged intimidation.

“Until now, from the results of the examination of witnesses, there has been no information regarding the intimidation,” he told reporters in Gresik, Thursday (21/9).

Meanwhile, Gresik Regent Fandi Akhmad Yani proposed that SAH move schools in order to restore the victim’s psychology and mental health.

This school move, said Gus Yani, was the result of a recommendation from the psychology team accompanying SAH. This is a response to the follow-up to the trauma experienced by the victim.

He also asked all parties to pray for SAH’s condition, so that the victim would quickly improve and recover, and return to school as usual.

“The school, God willing, we will find a pleasant place,” said Gus Yani, after accompanying the victim to undergo an MRI examination at PHC Surabaya Hospital, Wednesday.

He has also instructed the Gresik Regency Education Service (Dispendik) to provide assistance and prepare for the victim’s school move. The school chosen later, said Gus Yani, is expected to be located near the victim’s house, and have a comfortable and safe environment for SAH’s full recovery.

“I hope the Education Department can invite SAH children to see which school they want. We are trying to ensure that the school is close to their residence, and not on the main road to make it safer,” he said.

Meanwhile, the principal of SDN 236 Menganti Gresik, Ummi Latifah, when interviewed by CNNIndonesia TV on Tuesday (19/9) emphasized that the case had been handled by the Gresik Police, and that his party would cooperate and fully support it.

“Currently the case has been handled by the Gresik Police PPA, and the perpetrator who is suspected of committing violence against the child has not yet been found,” he said.

“The school supports the implementation of this investigation, and the school fully helps so that the results of the alleged violence at SDN 236 Gresik school are immediately revealed,” he added.

Furthermore, he explained that the school had received a report from the victim’s parents regarding alleged violence since August 7 2023. In response to this, the school has also carried out a clarification process for the school’s students.

“The school has received the report since August 7 2023, has clarified it to all the children, but we have not found any indication of abuse in our school,” said Ummi.

When asked who lied regarding the alleged robbery that led to violence, Ummi answered, “The school did not say who lied. Later it will be revealed by the Gresik Police police investigation.”


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