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US airlines to provide Wi-Fi in flights via Starlink – IT Pro – News

Hawaiian Airlines becomes the first airline to offer Wi-Fi on international flights via Starlink. The airline will therefore adapt two Airbus aircraft types and one Boeing type. Another American carrier is also going to use Starlink.

Hawaiian Airlines speaks about free wifi with ‘high speed and low’ latency‘ for flights between the Hawaiian Islands and the US mainland, Asia and Oceania. The airline will offer free Wi-Fi on Airbus A330 and A321neo aircraft, for which the company will adapt the aircraft. The Boeing 787-9 aircraft that the company has ordered will also receive the Starlink internet connection.

It concerns ‘certain’ devices that receive the WiFi. The Starlink internet connection is expected to be available on flights for the first time early next year. The WiFi will not be available on the shorter flights between the Hawaiian Islands.

The airline states that with the Starlink internet connection, passengers can stream videos, play multiplayer games and work online. Travelers don’t have to navigate to registration pages or use payment portals to do this, the company says.

Hawaiian Airlines is not the first airline to offer Internet access through Starlink. End of last week made the American airline JSX first known to provide Starlink WiFi on flights. This airline only operates national flights in the United States and will also offer Wi-Fi for free to customers. Starlink Internet should be available to JSX travelers later this year.

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