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Urgent Appeal for Blood Donations in Madrid, Especially ‘O+’ and ‘O-‘ Groups

In summer blood donations usually drop up to 20%. In fact, two blood groups need urgent donations in particular, ‘O+’ and ‘O-‘.

The Community of Madrid is in an urgent situation regarding blood donations. Specifically, the Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid has issued an urgent appeal to the Madrid population to donate blood of the ‘O+’ and ‘O-‘ blood groups. This request is vital to reinforce reserves and guarantee an adequate supply in hospitals in the region, especially in this summer season when most citizens go on vacation and it is not so common to donate blood.

Through their social media platforms, it has been revealed that the ‘O+’ and ‘O-‘ groups are currently on yellow alert, which means that stocks are at critical levels. To deal with this situation, a quick and committed response is required in the next two or three days by the people of Madrid who are still in the region and have not yet gone on vacation. Also those who are back from their rest season. In contrast, the other blood groups (‘B+’, ‘B-‘, ‘A+’, ‘A-‘, ‘AB-‘ and ‘AB+’) are in a green level, with a donation request during the next collection.

The donor community has shown solidarity and generosity by allowing some recovery in reserve levels. Howeverthe Community of Madrid Blood Transfusion Center emphasizes the importance of continuing to donate, especially during the summer. During this season, donations tend to decrease by 20% due to vacation departures and other summer commitments.


From Madrid Donate Blood, Revealing words have been shared: “Hospital activity, despite the summer, remains constant and we need to have good blood inflows to ensure an adequate supply and that patients who need it have blood components for transfusion. With the arrival of the holiday period, donations are decreasing significantly; 900 are needed daily and we are barely reaching 700″.

For this reason the Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid invites all Madrid residents to go to the blood donation points both on the way to and from your vacation in order to maintain these reserves and that they do not decrease in the face of the winter season.


The blood donation process is simple and takes less than 20 minutes. The basic requirements to be a donor They include being between the ages of 18 and 65, weighing more than 50 kilograms, and in good health. Donors can make their contribution every 8 weeks, as long as when they do not exceed 4 donations in a 12-month period for men and 3 donations for women.

In addition to the Transfusion Center, which is located on Avenida de la Democracia s/n, on the corner with Avenida de las Comunidades in the capital, citizens interested in helping have the option of approaching the Mobile Units of the Community of Madrid and the Red Cross. For information on locations and hours of operation, you can consult the web page dedicated to blood donations.

Donating blood is a valuable and supportive gesture that can save lives. At this critical moment, a call is made to the Madrid community to unite and contribute to restoring blood reserves to safe levels.. Doing so will ensure that hospitals can continue to provide essential and timely medical care to all patients in need.

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